Taking part in the Ashridge Amble sponsored walk for Hearing Dogs

Have you ever thought of holding a sponsored event to raise money? If so please get in touch. We have plenty of ideas if you’d like to help but can’t think of something yourself.

We have been very fortunate to receive donations of end of line stock from a London based company, the sale of which has boosted our funds. If there is a MK based company, business or shop that would like to donate items, please get in touch with us and we will consider whether we can use them ourselves or pass them on to Hearing Dogs Headquarters.

Help Gypsy Find a Bone Tombola board.

We also have a super tombola board made by one of our volunteers, Eddie Harrington who is a retired graphic designer. It has 500 holes in which we can insert raffle tickets so that every number drawn that ends in an ‘0’ or a ‘5’ wins a prize. Numbers such as ‘100’, ‘200’ win star prizes. On one of those tickets we draw a bone which also wins a star prize.

It is very popular and is often the main attraction on our stall, so we are constantly collecting good quality items that we could use for tombola prizes. We would appreciate donations of new or as-good-as-new items, bottles, unwanted jewellery, cosmetics, boxes of chocolates, toys and crafts. We also need the occasional star prizes such as a large fluffy toy, preferably of a dog, or a bottle of champagne. If you have something suitable to donate, please

At various times of the year we hold flag day collections. Please come and support us with these tin collections which are held outdoors all day, details can be found on the ‘forthcoming events’ tab. If you would like to help, please get in touch with us, so that we can set up a rota for each day.