MK John Lewis Community Matters Scheme

Date: Thursday August 27, 2015

John Lewis Community Matters Scheme

MK Hearing Dog branch have been very lucky to be chosen as one of three charities to participate in the MK John Lewis Community Matters Scheme running from 1st August – 1st November. This is similar to the Waitrose green token local charity scheme.

Some of our members went along to the store for a photo shoot to launch this opportunity. Bridget with Black Labrador Vicky, Lisa with golden Cocker Spaniel Willis, Peggy with her new 9 week old puppy Noah and Mary with her black Cocker Spaniel Digby.

The pod is in the main restaurant “Place to Eat” in the centre of the store on level 2 and is situated to the left of the two tills. If you are not offered a token please ask, these are just by the tills.

Please pass on this news to all your friends and family so we can get as many tokens as possible.


Date: Tuesday June 16, 2015

Una is a puppy being sponsored by the staff at Marks & Spencer, Milton Keynes. She is beautiful black Labrador and has recently celebrated her 1st birthday.

Here is an update on Una’s progress:

She has now had a season and she is growing up into a lovely girl. As a pup, Una was a little nervous of people and dogs she did not know but a lot of work has been done by our volunteer to socialise her and give her lots of positive meetings with people. She is making great progress. Una also used to jump up if she felt overwhelmed but this is much better now as she is becoming more confident.

Her recall is much improved although she can still be a bit cheeky if she is having a great chase game with other dogs! In a recent puppy class, Una had a great time on the agility equipment. Her favourite piece of equipment is the tunnel!

Chestnuts Primary School - Bletchley

Date: Tuesday April 28, 2015

Chestnuts Primary School went around different locations in Milton Keynes before Christmas signing and singing to songs. One of our recipients, with her black Labrador Hearing Dog, used to work at the school so they decided they would like to donate the money to Hearing Dogs.

We were invited to the presentation so Terry with Dottie, Gill with Brian and Mary with Digby went along. The school held an assembly and all the children signed and sang some songs for us.

Imagine our delight when they told us they had raised £530.47. They presented the money to Mary in cash which was very heavy and we presented them with a certificate for their fantastic achievement.

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