Sponsored Dogs

In October 2008 we raised enough money to sponsor our first branch hearing dog, Molly. As a new branch we could only sponsor half a dog and it took us around 18 months to raise the £2,500 needed but we were very proud when we reached that goal. We look forward to raising enough money to sponsor many more.

Darwen :: Our Sponsored Dogs


We would like to thank everyone for their support in raising money in 2011. By special request the branch has been permitted to sponsor a puppy in memory of our secretary and friend Paul Niven. As you can see Darwen (named after Paul’s former school) is a delightful black Labrador. He is currently being socialised in Cambridge.
Main photograph: Nicola McClure

Darwen is growing into a fine dog, Fabia, his socialiser, said he was adorable and like a big bear! He was a favourite for the breeding scheme and we are delighted to confirm he passed his health checks in 2013 and will now go on to be used as a stud dog, hopefully providing the charity with a supply of new puppies to continue Paul’s legacy.

Molly :: Our Sponsored Dogs

We are very proud to introduce Molly, the first dog our branch has sponsored. The Hearing Dogs for Deaf People sponsorship co-ordinator writes:

Molly is a little crossbreed who came to us from a rescue centre in Ireland. She is now working with her deaf recipient Madeline in Essex and they have formed a lovely partnership. Molly not only does a wonderful job alerting Madeline to her sounds but she has given Madeline the added bonus of being a great companion.